Preparation - Dry Matter - Moisture

Preparation - Dry Matter - Moisture

Sample preparation is a critical step. During preparation the sample is handled, dried, grinded, etc in order to obtain a plant powder homogeneous and representative of the sample received by the laboratory. All the transformations of the sample must avoid sample contamination and lost of analytes.


If you want to prepare your samples "at home", USRAVE give you some piece of advice :

- choose: Vynil no powdered gloves

- be aware of contaminations due to grinders.


On demand, USRAVE can do:


operation to determine the number of fruits, leaves or needles in the sample


operation to eliminate contamination of the sample surface


For samples arriving fresh to the laboratory, we do:


operation to achieve weighing the whole sample.
Necessary for the calculation of concentration compared with the fresh material


operation to remove the water stored in the sample in environmental chambers. The drying temperature varies depending on the volatility of the analyte(eg Hg, N, As, Se and S drying at 50 ° C)
This operation determines the dry matter. .


Operation to reduce the state of powder samples dried beforehand.
Mills, non-contaminating, without losses, are used (= 0.5mm sieve)


Operation by allowing mixing of the powder plant, to ensure that the levy will test the most representative.


Operation to determine the water uptake of the sample after milling, storage, homogenization.
The moisture content of the sample is calculated after drying at 103 ° C ± 2 ° C


The prepared sample should ideally weigh ~ 10g


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